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Frosty The Biker Louisiana Biker Magazine began in October, 2014, as a rough outline of what a local motorcycle magazine ought to be, done the right way. This outline was refined over the coming months.
In June of 2015, Publishers Dubois Daniels AKA "Frosty The Bikerô" and Angel Bowman got together for a marathon multi-day session, pounding out a business plan and a path for the future.
We posted our Facebook page on July 30, with the intent of keeping it private while we developed the WWW page, but word quickly got around, and the page soon had an active following. Over the next few months, we built our online community, while recruiting staff around Louisiana, and working on our first issue.
In November we published a sample issue which was sent to Motorcycle Dealerships and other potential advertisers, while we continued to work to expand this into a full sized issue, circulated to the public.
Our first print issue, January 2016, began distributing to the public on December 30, 2015. We say we are "By, For. and About Louisiana Bikers", and we will live up to that. Our staff members own bikes and ride. We have people around the state, and will have distribution points everywhere. We will have monthly rides, and readers are invited to ride along. We want readers to also be contributors, sending in their pictures and events. When you open an issue, we want you to see people you know. All of our content will be original and local, with nothing pulled from the Internet or sourced from out of state.
The Magazine, our WWW site, and social media pages will each have their own purpose.
The Facebook page will have many short posts, daily events and reminders, and will be a way to communicate with the readers as we plan each issue. As we start the second quarter of 2016, we are already the most popular state or regional motorcycle magazine page in Louisiana.
The Magazine will print the best content we can put together each month, represent all areas of the state, and all types of riders.
The WWW page will have expanded coverage beyond what we can fit in print. Archived articles and back issues will be available online. We have a Members Forum where readers can meet amd chat, send comments and suggestions, and answer polls. Other features will include an Online Store, an active Events Calendar, and a Business Section to cover the needs of our advertisers and distribution points.

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